• Made Of high quality plastic material with fire retardant, high insulation and good heat sustainability
  • Polycrome's electrical accessories have a field reputation for quality and reliability, and have enjoyed continuous growing demand for over three decades.
  • Polycrome’s products are given such respect that they are recommended by opinion leaders, organisations and the authoritie
  • Highest quality product available in the market
  • Made out of high quality ABS material for good heat and fire resistance
  • If it’s quality you’re looking for, Polycrome will be glad to supply your needs

Cable Trunking


  • An ideal solution for numerous modern commercial applications and provide perfect protection for the latest technology in data and energy transfer.
  • The Patented special clip-on system of the lid as well as the design of the cross section give the trunkings extraordinary stability with a complete separation of the covering parts from the main trunking bodies it becomes very easy to exchange damaged sections.
  • The plug-in system of maxi trunking accessories is not only functional, but optically appealing, giving the whole installation a clear and smooth shape.
  • Non flame propagating property gives more safer environment.