• Made Of high quality plastic material with fire retardant, high insulation and good heat sustainability
  • Polycrome's electrical accessories have a field reputation for quality and reliability, and have enjoyed continuous growing demand for over three decades.
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  • Highest quality product available in the market
  • Made out of high quality ABS material for good heat and fire resistance
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Compact Fluorescent Lamp Series: Spiral & U-Type


  • Average life: 8,000-10,000 hours
  • Instant-on, flicker-free electronics, Ra≥80
  • Rare-earth tri-phosphor enables low light deterioration
  • Up to 80% energy saving compared to regular incandescent lamps
  • Adapting new methods and materials in manufacturing to match environmental safety requirements
  • Small and light models to suit constrained lighting settings
  • Certified by Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLS1231) for up to 5 star* energy saving efficiency

* Star Rating - Depending on the energy loss / consumption / conversion efficiency of an appliance the efficiency rating shall be determined and designated by a number of stars as per the relevant Sri Lanka Standard. The highest efficiency-rating category of appliances may be assigned with five stars and as the efficiency lowers a lesser number of stars will be assigned. The greater the number of stars the higher the efficiency rating of an appliance.