• Safeguard yourself with SLS certified Polycrome switchgear products
  • Polycrome's electrical accessories have a field reputation for quality and reliability, and have enjoyed continuous growing demand for over three decades.
  • Polycrome’s products are given such respect that they are recommended by opinion leaders, organisations and the authoritie
  • First class pendant holder in the market with SLS certification
  • Made out of high quality ABS material for good heat and fire resistance
  • Polycrome provides the best Cable management solutions with SLS certification
  • Save energy, save money with SLS certified genuine Polycrome LED collection
  • Fire retardant and high strength SLS certified conduits with a range of perfectly fitting accessories

LED Bulbs


  • SLS 1458 certification
  • High light output due to higher luminous efficiency. Polycrome LED Day Light bulb series gives 100 lm/W & Warm White series gives 90lm/W
  • High energy saving efficiency as PF (Power Factor) is 0.9 of all Polycrome LED bulbs except 5W (0.7)
  • Wide beam angle (230°) enables light to spread over wider area